Its good to be prepared


We have not long bought and moved into our first family home so as you can imagine were still surrounded by boxes, still sorting out a ton of crap and that which doesnt get thrown is being stuck up in the loft, hiding it away and willing it to disappear. Now today when sorting through some boxes I came across this little lot gathering dust so I thought that I better get them out in preparation for my return to Slimming World on Wednesday.

All of these wonderful recipe books packed full of so much inspiration just sitting in a box, unloved.  I dont even think I’ve opened half of them, let alone tried cooking any of the recipes from them. So they are being given a new lease of life and have been bought downstairs and are now sitting on the side in the kitchen ready and waiting in preparation for my return to group ready to be used.

Looking through them I didn’t realise just how many exciting and wonderful recipes these books have so I have been getting lots of ideas and inspiration so that I can start doing some meal planning in advance and get my shopping list ready. No doubt a few weeks in and I will still be moaning that I am stuck with meal ideas even with all of these.

2 days to go..

No more excuses. I can do this.


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