And so the journey begins


So tonight was the night, the start of my weight loss journey (again!), that I finally returned back to group after 8months of falling off of the wagon. I will be honest and say there were a few occassions today that I was trying to come up with excuses in my head not to attend but I went and I will say that I am so glad that I did.

Walking through those doors and I was dreading it and I really dont know why, but I shouldnt have worried myself as my return was welcomed with a big smile from the group consultant Clare, there was no judgement for my leaving, she was just happy I had made the decision to return to group and it was nice to see that their were lots of familiar smiling faces still in group from when I was last there in November.

So my first weigh in. Obviously no one likes stepping on those scales but its all part of the journey. I may not always like the numbers which they read but it has to be done, its all part of the journey.  Cautiously I stepped onto the scales and surprisingly I was delighted to discover that Im actually not at my heaviest as I was convinced I was, that I way less now than I did when I joined back in November. How I am unsure because to be honest Ive probably consumed my own body weight in chocolate since that time. So my initial weigh in at group tonight and I am currently 23stone 1.5pounds.I mean dont get me wrong those numbers are still not fantastic and Ive one hell of a long way to go but they are a start. I will also try to attempt to take some measurements over the next couple of days to track that progress too.


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