Over night oats


So this morning I started off my Slimming world journey with these rather yummy over night oats which I had prepared last night. I absolutely love these and even better they are totally syn free if I use the oats as my Hex B.

Overnight Oats:


  • 1 muller light
  • mixed frozen berries
  • 40g porridge oats

So what did I do and how?

Over night oats are really simple to make, I simply layer the ingredients up in a couple of small kilner jar.  So I do berries, muller light, oats and then repeat. I then close the jars and pop them in the fridge over night. Its as simple as that.


Now I will be honest and say Im not really a breakfast person, I struggle to eat much first thing in the morning so when making these up I split up the ingredients between two small kilner jars,  I will then have one first thing when I get up and then save one for a little later in the morning which will keep me going until lunch and tends to stop me from snacking between breakfast and lunch.

I love the versatility of these as you can literally go for any combination of Muller light flavor and fruit although my own preference is to use frozen fruit over fresh as when the frozen fruit defrosts overnight the oats absorb any juices released making the oats nice and moist when you eat them.


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