Frozen Muller Light


Upon my return to group on Wednesday during the image therapy session there were several members in the group raving about freezing muller lights in the freezer and how lovely they are.

To be honest I initially thought it a little odd but was intrigued so when I got home I popped a couple in the freezer to find out if they were really as good as they said. Even my husband thought I was crazy when he went to the freezer and discovered them sitting in one of the compartments, wondering if I had lost the plot and mistakenly put them there instead of the fridge in some over tired state..

OMG, why did I never think of this before? Anyone who enjoys ice cream/ sorbet  and has never tried this MUST try this out, just pop it in the freezer overnight and when you fancy one take it out of the freezer and leave it on the side to thaw for a bit. I leave mine for a good 15 – 20 minutes so I dont break the spoon lol. The frozen yogurt was lovely and took me a good half an hour to get through. It makes for a lovely cold treat, especially in the hot weather or if you need an ice cream/ sorbet fix and of course there are lots of exciting muller light flavors out there to choose from and best of all its syn free. Yay!


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