So its 11:43pm and I am so bloody hungry its untrue, In fact I am so hungry right now I am HANGRY!!!

I am currently sitting in a hotel room staring at the menu for room service. Mark and I have come away for an over night stay in London after seeing a show earlier this evening to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Now unfortunately we missed dinner this evening so I have no other option but to order in room service. Now looking at this menu there really isn’t anything on here that I would consider slimming world friendly. In fact I do not think there is anything on this menu I would consider healthy at all, its all deep fried or has this fancy oil or some strange combination of foods that instantly has you wondering wtf? The thing is I really need to eat or I am going to get really bloody grouchy so Im going to have to order something and I have no doubt in my mind its going to have a negative impact on my weight loss this week. I only hope the breakfast buffet in the morning is better


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